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Things to do in Peru

Peru is largely regarded as the gastronomic capital of South America, and Lima is the heart of Peru. The massive city, home to over 8 million citizens, has a wealth of dining options which its people commonly enjoy for all meals throughout the day. Therefore, travel to Peru and take advantage of this inside scoop on the 5 best types of local places to get a good meal in Lima.

Peru Travel Guide

Peru's Amazon rainforest - This natural wonder offers tourists a large number of activities including camping trips, kayaking, canopy tours and stays in jungle lodges. A Travel to Peru can also be engaged for guided walks through the dense wilderness.

You live in one of their huts, sleep in a hammock or, if you are unlucky, a bed (don't expect luxury mattresses). The "bathrooms" have a "direct connection with the sea" (if you know what I mean). While men dress in a "western way" and the great majority speaks Spanish and sometimes English, women dress the Kuna way and seldom speak fluent Spanish. Women spend their days knitting and sewing "molas", decorative fabrics that they also use in their clothes. Men, spend their days fishing until the sun sets. These differences are due to the fact that men often go outside Kuna Yala for business (and more now, because of tourism).

Today they say "NO" for two reasons: First, the elders are still alive and they stick to their traditions. No money in the world would make them change their minds. Secondly, the adults have great respect for the elders and abide by their decisions.

Carry on down the Pan Americana to Nazca. This is the launching point for the Nazca Lines. In addition to the flight, there are several other attractions: Cahachi pyramids, the Chauchill cemetery, and ancient aqueducts.Right next door is Ica, which is a charming city with wine and pisco tours. This is also a main area for sand boarding, and slightly dangerous yet thrilling adventure activity.

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